Gado Gado, Vegetables in Peanut-Sauce 花生酱拌杂菜

The premonition is strong. We are going to have Gado Gado quite often this summer. In fact, we have had it some time ago when we were experiencing early 85+F heat just about two weeks ago, in spring, here in Bay Area, CA.

How would you dress this? I would almost always do it with peanut-sauce dressing.

This is take two of Gado Gado using the not-so-classic-traditional mix of ingredients such as bean sprouts, organic romaine lettuce, French green beans (Haricot Verts), and cucumber. The warm peanut dressing was perked up with fresh pineapple, then drizzled over the mix of refreshing vegetables.

I do not like bean sprouts entirely raw - so they were blanched then cooled, before plating with other raw veggies (lettuce and cucumber).

Gado Gado, Boiled Vegetables in Peanut-Sauce 花生酱拌杂菜
Organic romaine lettuce - thinly sliced
Organic cucumber - sliced to bite-size
Bean sprouts - blanched then cooled
Haricot Verts - blanched then cooled

Peanut sauce (photo)
Follow instructions to make the sauce/dressing, then add some (about 2-3tbsp) finely chopped fresh pineapple cubes to the sauce. I was really delighted to find this bottled sauce from 99 Ranch supermarket (Cupertino store, California)

Before serving, warm up the sauce and drizzle over vegetables-salad mix.

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