Achar Pickles Mulberries, Cucumber, Carrot 自制南洋风味腌菜

Though Achar can refer to Indian pickles, it is also a popular pickle/condiment in Malaysia and Singapore.

I grew up with the authentic Peranakan version that is usually made with cucumbers, carrots, pineapples mixed in with spice paste (rempah), shallots, ground peanuts in a vinegar-sugar based dressing. However today I am making the easier version that allows you to have a taste of Achar without the use of rempah - meaning, you do not need to grind or pound any paste.

Hopefully the switch-up of ingredients from traditional Achar will also inspire you to have your own light bulb moment.

Dried mulberries

The dried mulberries is a new ingredient here, and definitely sweeten up the whole deal.  Other ingredients used in this Achar recipe is quite basic so you do not have to intentionally go out there to get the ingredients.

No pineapples. No ground peanuts. Cucumbers, carrots, shallots were all I had.

Achar/Pickles 自制南洋风味腌菜
1 small cucumber, sliced to finger-length, sprinkle salt over and allow to sweat and dry
1 carrot, sliced to finger-length, also allow to dry
2 small shallots, sliced to finger-length and allow to dry
Handful dried mulberry (Note: use raisins if you want dried fruits in there, or you can omit dried fruits). Remember that the longer the pickle is kept, the softer and plumper the dried fruits will be
1/2 tbsp curry powder
2tbsp vinegar
2tsp sugar
Pinch of salt

Directions: Fry the curry powder in hot oil, then turn down heat, add vinegar, sugar and salt. Add the cucumber, carrots and shallots into a container with lid, add the curry powder mixture, close the lid, then shake it up to mix them up. Add mulberries, then give a light shake and toss again. Refrigerate. You can also save portions of the mulberries for the pickle - as sprinkles atop before serving the Achar so that there is a different bite to the tender-crisp of the pickle.

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