Chayote Bell Peppers Stir-Fry 佛手瓜清炒灯笼椒

Have you taken a closer look at chayote and realized that it resembles the form of two fists clasped together? Chayote is also known as 合掌瓜 or 佛手瓜, with the former literally meaning "the joining of fists or palms".

Chayote is high in potassium, low in sodium and a good source of other trace minerals. It is crisp and  tastes mildly sweet when consumed raw. Think of pears. Still, as a rather bland and light-tasting ingredient, it does not over-power other ingredients in a quick-stew or stir-fry.

If you are budget-conscious cook, then you should be doing stir-fry quite, or in fact, very regularly. Stir-fry is one of the best cooking methods to flexibly "wok" your ingredients in many versatile dishes thus very importantly, making sure each and every ingredient is used up in some way, stretching your grocery budget.

This is a easy and quick stir-fry with chayote, some leftover orange and red bell peppers, flavored up with green onions and garlic. It is quick because chayote and bell peppers really do not take much time to cook.

Chayote and Bell Peppers Stir-Fry 佛手瓜清炒灯笼椒
3 cloves garlic minced
3-4 green onions, sliced to same length as vegetables , finger length
2 chayote, sliced into strips
1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
1/2 orange bell pepper, sliced into strips

Directions: Fry the green onions till slightly fragrant and charred in hot oil, add garlic, then chayote, mix well. Add the bell peppers, mix well. Fry the mixture for about 3 minutes. Salt and ground white pepper to taste.

If you do not want to even bother starting up a pan for stir-fry, you can julienne the chayote and bell peppers razor-thin and make a salad with your favorite dressing.

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