Whitebait Shirasu Egg Fritters Omelette 吻仔鱼蛋饼

Calcium-rich Shirasu (whitebait, of Japanese anchovy) is typically used in home-style Japanese cuisine. A simple and delectable snack or side-dish, I am making Shirasu (Whitebait) with Egg again, in the like of Chinese home-style cooking. This time, the cooking directions have been slightly tweaked and in my opinion, an improvement from the last time.

Now, Shirasu is but another (different) type of anchovy, not the Mediterranean anchovy, not the Southeast Asian anchovy (a.k.a Ikan Bilis).

Rather than adding Shirasu to the egg, and whisking with the egg before pan-frying the Shirasu-egg mixture, the green onions and Shirasu were sauteed/lightly fried in the pan, to "aromatize" (爆香), prior to adding the whisked egg to the pan.

Shirasu Egg Omelette (Whitebait Egg Fritters) 吻仔鱼/银鱼蛋饼
2 stalks green onions, finely diced

1 heapful tbsp of Shirasu, Japanese anchovy (fry of sardines)
2 eggs, lightly whisked

Directions: Saute the green onion, and Shirasu till fragrant, and spread the mixture evenly across the pan. Then gently pour in whisked egg (in circular manner) to the pan. Pan-fry on both sides till lightly brown and crisp.

Fresh whitebait has just a mild briny taste and with sauteed green onions, adds very good flavors to an otherwise ordinary egg omelette.

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