Pesto Cucumber Bites 清酱黄瓜

I was too quick in making such comments. Now I think these pesto cucumber bites are the easiest hors d’oeuvres to make. Alright, I maintained my stand on these pesto pita bites being delectable, relatively more delicious than these cucumber bites; but effort-level, give it to these cucumber bites!

Well, they are different. One is warm and toasty while this is cool and crisp.

Without question, I prefer a warm toasty cheesy bite anytime. However, when there is no real need to crank up the oven, these fresh pesto cucumber bites will be the next alternative.

Food historian, Waverley Root, once wrote that a cucumber is “about as close to neutrality as a vegetable can get without ceasing to exist”. In addition, cucumbers are not much of a nutrition powerhouse.

However I sometimes buy them as they can be a super quick "vegetable" addition to sandwiches. Though not a powerhouse on its own, it can be made a powerhouse snack-bite with basil walnut pesto.

Pesto Cucumber Bites 清酱黄瓜
English hot-house cucumber, sliced to about 0.1-inch thickness (Note: A reasonable thickness enable the cucumber to "hold" the pesto nicely, and there is more "crunch" to the cucumber).
Homemade pesto (refer recipe here)

Directions: Spread about 1/4tsp of pesto at the center of each cucumber slice, and serve immediately if possible to ensure maximum freshness and crisp of cucumber.

The textural advantage of cucumber - crisp, and cool is such a good balance and carrier for pesto.

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