Salty, Sweet, Spicy Rice Rolls 早餐肠粉

Once in a while, I buy pre-made rice-rolls from 99 Ranch Asian supermarket and use them as "noodles" for stir-frying turning it to savory breakfast, or topping the steamed rice-rolls with bolognese sauce transforming it to "pasta".

The Cantonese rice-rolls (Cheong Fun, in Cantonese) served in dim-sum restaurants and eateries might be mainstream with shrimp-filled rice-rolls, BBQ-pork rice-rolls and dough-fritters rice-rolls widely seen and served.

However, I sometimes miss the Singapore hawker version: steamed plain rice-rolls drizzled with a sweet-savory-spicy sauce, then sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Following my taste experience with Korean red pepper paste - gochujang, using it to make Healthy Bibimbap, Steamed Eggplant, and Steamed Okra, I managed to replicate the hawker sweet-savory-spicy combo. into one very delicious homemade sauce. It was quite successful in terms of replicating the taste of hawker-stall Chee Cheong Fun.

Rice-Rolls with Sweet, Salty and Spicy Sauce 早餐肠粉
Rice-rolls, store bought, steamed for a few minutes to warm before serving

[Sauce]: Mix 1 tsp of gochujang, 1tbsp organic apple cider vinegar, 1tsp toasted sesame oil, 1/2 tsp sugar in a bowl.

Directions: Drizzle the sauce over the warm rice-rolls and serve immediately.

It may be too pasty depending on the brand of gochujang. You can add sprinkles of water to adjust the liquid-sauce viscosity so that the sauce drizzles smoothly over the rice-rolls without being too watery.

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest – Singapore Month, hosted by Life can be Simple.

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