Noodles Soup with Cheese 乳酪/芝士汤面

Another advantage of cooking for one is - getting to play around and be bold in mixing and matching ingredients. With some leftover cheese from making pizza, in the cheese goes into the noodles!

Adding a slice of cheese (I prefer Swiss or Cheddar Cheese) into spicy ramen noodles e.g Kimchi Noodles, is quite a cult thing to do. You can also use shaved cheese if you have that available.

Spicy Vegetables Noodles Soup with Cheese 乳酪/芝士汤面
This noodle soup is made from a Tom Yum paste soup-base, and flavors developed further with mushrooms, Napa cabbage and seaweed. Towards end of cooking, add a slice of cheese (or this case, a three-cheese mix of shaved Romamo, Parmesan and Asiago from Trader Joes); cover the pot, and allow the cheese to slowly soften and meld into the soup.

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