Kimchi Meatballs & Vegetables Noodles 韩式泡菜肉丸

The wrappers ran out before the filling! With the remaining kimchi fillings from making kimchi wontons (boiled dumplings), I made meatballs (mini ones!) and they are such a flavorful addition to this noodle dish which otherwise would have been a vegetarian combination of carrots, mushrooms, mung bean sprouts and spinach.

Did you forget that these are actually kimchi meatballs? Not only can kimchi be used as a condiment or pickle paired with steamed rice or noodles for a meal or complement grilled meat, it is also an (flavoring) ingredient that can be used for cooking - kimchi wonton, kimchi jigae, kimchi fried rice, kimchi pancake.

I usually like to stir-fry the baby spinach first, set it aside, then add them later (last) when a stir-fry is just about to be done. This way, I can use more spinach, and shrink down its volume first. In addition, in a stir-fry which often needs quick-fry, and in which time and speed of frying action is important, frying vegetables separately would allow better control during the stir-fry itself.

Once again, I have used the "stir-fry+steam" method to accomplish this stir-fry.

Kimchi Meatballs and Vegetables Rice Vermicelli Noodles 韩式泡菜肉丸
2-3 green onions, finely chopped, white and green portions separated
3 cloves garlic, finely minced
2 tbsp sliced carrot matchsticks
3-4 fresh shiitake mushrooms
1/4lb (about 10 mini meatballs) of kimchi meatballs (Note: can also be made in advance. Freeze, then slightly thaw before use)
Handful of mung bean sprouts
Few handfuls of organic baby spinach
Store-bought fresh noodles (thick rice vermicelli)
1 tsp light soy sauce
Pinch of salt and ground white pepper
Some water

Directions: Fry the spinach with 1/3 of the minced garlic, then set aside. Fry the white portions green onions, carrots, garlic and mushrooms till fragrant. Add some water to moisten the mixture and create a quick stock. Add in meatballs and let it cook and simmer in the stock for a few minutes. The stock will become more flavorful. Add in mung bean sprouts and green onions (top green portions), soy sauce, and give it a quick fry. Add the noodles, and another quick fry to mix all the ingredients together. Add the cooked spinach and fry everything together. Pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

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