Pan-Fried Lion-Mane Mushrooms 干煎猴头菇

The English name Lion-Mane Mushrooms is not in any way associated with monkey's head and yet the Chinese go by this mushroom name Hou Tou Gu (猴头菇) literally translating to Monkey-Head Mushrooms.

Just as black-trumpet chanterelle mushroom is prized in France, monkey head mushroom is a prized high-end gourmet luxury mushroom in Asia.

I actually do not know what to do with these mushrooms (from Far West Fungi - currently my go-to mushroom vendor in Saratoga Farmer's Market, CA) when they found their way to my grocery basket. I researched a bit (just in case - only the paranoid survive!) before using, to cut down the risk of improperly cooking them and them landing in the garbage bin.

Most Chinese Lion-Mane/Monkey-Head mushrooms recipes are soup recipes from various sources. However, with only one small fist-size lion-mane mushroom to spare, it will not be easy to extract the flavor fully for a full-bodied clear soup.

As a result, I went ahead with a simple basic pan-fry of the mushroom slices.

Note: No oil necessary if using non-stick pan. Cover the pan/pot in the cooking process so the steam can quickly cook through the mushrooms).

Pan-Fried Lion Mane/Monkey Head Mushrooms 干煎猴头菇
Lion mane mushrooms, cut to 1/4inch thickness
Sea salt and ground white pepper to taste

Directions: Pan-fry each side for 3 minutes or more till edges are browned/crisped up. 

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