Kiriboshi Daikon (Dried Radish) Omelet 白萝卜干/菜圃蛋

Some wishes never get fulfilled. Sometime ago, I had a "vision" to make Dried Daikon/Radish Egg Omelet (菜圃蛋 Cai Pu Dan in Mandarin or ChaiPo-Neng in dialect) and ended up with Fresh Daikon Egg Omelet. That was tasty, but few steps away from the real deal.

The best real deal, of course, is to make my own ChaiPo and cook ChaiPo Egg Omelet. That has not happened and I am not sure when it will.

However, when I chanced upon dried radish (image above) in the nearby Japanese Marukai supermarket, I thought - maybe THIS will work? Not that I cannot get the Chinese-style dried radish 菜圃 here but they are always super-high in sodium and most times, contain other preservatives.

This Japanese Kiriboshi-Daikon, at least, is natural; with one (single) ingredient: dried radish.

Kiriboshi Daikon (Dried Radish) Omelet 白萝卜干/菜圃蛋

The recipe is similar to Fresh Daikon Egg Omelet and Carrots Egg Omelet, just substituting fresh daikon or fresh carrots in the respective recipe with dried radish (hydrate the dried radish in water for 3-5minutes before use - refer to package instructions)

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