Silks Place, Tainan 台南晶英酒店

Silks Place, Tainan 台南晶英酒店 is a relatively new establishment and in less than three years, it has received numerous accolades in the hospitality industry.

The highlight of today might sound or even appear weird but the salad-bar offering of the hotel's breakfast is worth the mention.

I like the fresh micro- and salad-greens which includes pea-shoots, alfalfa sprouts, radicchio, red leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce that can be combined with beets, cherry tomatoes, lotus root and lotus seeds, pine-nuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almond, cheese. Head towards the egg station (the only complaint I have is that there is only fried/"sunnyside-up" option; no poached or hard-boiled versions available), top the salad with an egg and there you go - a nutritious and delectable breakfast which sets you up ahead for the rest of the day sight-seeing and shopping.

With fiber, proteins, power-nuts-and-seeds, this surely defies the misconception of hotel breakfast being unappetizing and lacking healthy options.

This was the second plate at the same seating, and I actually combine the salad greens, with other vegetable dishes e.g. mushrooms and snap peas from the "hot" breakfast station.

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