Black Trumpet/ Chanterelle Mushroom Pasta 蒜汁黑喇叭菌意大利面

In no time, I will be trying all the mushroom varieties at Far West Fungi, Saratoga Farmers Market. In my previous two trips, these black trumpet mushrooms failed to make it into the grocery basket because they were way too expensive - $10 for a small punnet! Therefore, I have been buying the affordable rest such as baby shiitake, yellow oyster, pioppini and even lion-mane mushrooms. But when I saw the same-size punnet of black trumpet going for $5 one Saturday, I let no chance go by.

Just as lion-head/monkey-head mushroom is a variety of high-end mushroom delicacy in Asia, black trumpet mushroom is also considered highly-priced gourmet mushroom in France. Dark-colored and wispy, black trumpet also known as black chanterelle.

I wanted to make a creamy mushroom sauce with the black chanterelles but the ingredients are lacking in my pantry. No butter, no cream, no any suitable cheese (parmesan) or cheese shreds, nothing.

So I made do with whole milk, sliced Swiss cheese, and coconut oil (for that aroma that butter imparts) then made my quick not-so-perfect yet make-do cream sauce.

Garlic Black Trumpet/Chanterelle Mushroom Pasta  蒜汁黑喇叭菌意
3-5 cloves garlic, finely minced
Handful of black trumpet mushrooms, lightly rinse with water to wash away the dirt trapped in the mushrooms
Some beech/pioppini mushrooms (option)
6-8 oz broccoli florets, steamed for 5-6 minutes, set aside
Salt and ground pepper to taste
2 servings cooked pasta

 Directions: Saute garlic and mushrooms for about 6-8 mins till mushrooms are cooked. Add in steamed broccoli and cooked pasta and mix well till all the flavors bind.

I am not including the creamy mushroom sauce/pasta recipe in complete as it is not considered above-average standard, in my opinion. The recipe above is just for sauteed mushrooms tossed with pasta.

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