Luffa (Loofah) with Egg 丝瓜炒蛋

Now, I thought there was only one kind of luffa (known as Angled Luffa) and I was wrong. Just the other day this summer, I chanced upon a gourd-like vegetable next to the angled luffa in the farmer's market and in the midst of market-goers, found that this smooth-skinned gourd-like vegetable is also luffa.

What? Luffa? Well, the luffa I know does not look like that. So yes, this is luffa indeed but another variety - Smooth-Skinned Luffa, or according to the stall, the younger version of Angled Luffa.

Luffa (or Loofah) with Egg is a healthy, nutritious and delicious dish, favored by homecooks in many Asian families, as this is also a quick and easy recipe.

I certainly enjoy this smoother-skin luffa, much better than Angled Luffa. Why? Peeling is much easier for this smooth-skinned luffa compared to the angled/ridged luffa. With easier peeling, the "yield" for this smooth-skinned luffa is also higher as I get as much "flesh" as possible in this luffa.  I also found that this luffa is more fleshy and moist when cooked - can I even use the word "juicy"?

I did not even use much water while cooking but by the time the entire dish was cooked, there was a reasonable amount of liquid due to the inherent moisture in the smooth-skinned luffa itself.

Luffa (Loofah) with Egg 丝瓜炒蛋
1 shallot, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
1 Thai chili/fresh red chili, finely sliced
1 luffa, peeled and sliced/chopped
2 organic eggs, lightly whisked
Pinch of sea salt, ground white pepper to taste
1-2 drops of toasted sesame oil

Directions: Fry the egg till just about cooked, break up to smaller pieces at the same time. Dish out, set aside. Fry the shallots and chili, till shallots are fragrant, add the garlic, and luffa, and fry till luffa is just about cooked - turns tender, add back the cooked eggs, and mix well, till flavors combine. Season to taste.

After trying this smooth-skin luffa, I am very sure I am going to miss this luffa when fall produce takes over the farmer's market in the coming months as the farmer's market is the only place till now that I can find smooth-skinned luffa. Asian supermarkets such as 99 Ranch usually stocks angled/ridged luffa, which now has taken a back seat in the presence of its smooth-skinned counterpart.

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