Vegetarian Garlic Chili Sauce 自制辣椒酱

Freshly blended kale, celery and apple juice. Banana and blueberry juice. Technically, you add fruits and/or vegetables in a food blender, add water or ice, press the ON button, and a healthy juice is a few minutes away. Now, what if I put chili + water into the food blender for a high-power blitz? Chili juice! Well, divert it to the sauce regime and call it Chili Sauce as less water is used in proportion.

Now that most of the garden chili (Jalapeno, Serrano, Thai Dragon, Thai Bird's Eye) have turned red, making our own red chili sauce came to mind while seeking an alternative to pickling (Pickled Chili recipe). I could pickle them all but when pickled, green chili usually turns out better than red (refer Pickled Hatch Chili).

Though it has the word "sauce", this chili sauce is not the kind of chili sauce of smooth sticky ketchup-style consistency in the like of bottled chili sauce. Instead, it is similar to the kind of chili-sauce condiment served alongside dishes such as chicken rice. Maybe the accurate term to use here, should be chicken-rice chili sauce, made vegetarian.

Why do I say that some chili sauce is not vegetarian ? Most chicken-rice chili sauce taste so good because there is chicken stock or rendered chicken fat in it! Yes, so now you know. Buyer, consumers, foodies, vegetarians beware.

Vegetarian Garlic Chili Sauce 自制辣椒酱
4-5 fresh red chili (red Asian chili, red Jalapeno, red Serrano works)
4-5 Thai dragon chili
2-3 Thai "Birds Eye" chili
1 small glove garlic
Half thumb-size ginger
Pinch of salt
1/4-1/2 tsp of brown sugar
Squeeze of lime juice
1tbsp of water if need to to moisten the mixture during blending

Directions: Blend everything in the food processor, taste along the way and adjust salt, sugar, lime juice level for personal preference.

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