White Wine Mussels with Kale and Pasta

Seen it once, passed on it. Seen it again, in the bag.

Well, I do have qualms about frozen shellfish products. Personally, I like my shellfish such as clams or mussels - fresh. Bought when fresh, then cooked and consumed fresh.

Still I gave in, as this Trader Joes product at $3.99 came as value to me, and the ingredients are reasonably decent. Most importantly, a frozen product like this keeps well for "emergency" home-cooking.

Let's say I am in a rush to have even 30 minutes in the kitchen. Then a 15-minute dish like this might do the trick.

Fresh clams or mussels cooks fast, you may say, you do not even need 15 minutes. But again, how can fresh clams or mussels be available if you do not even step out of the house to buy some? With fresh shellfish especially, you already need to be planning ahead. Plan to cook them....and cook them on the same day! So if you do not plan ahead, this frozen mussel item is the next best alternative.

Instead of enjoying it as an appetizer, I find that this works well with pasta as a meal which is even better for me. If I have no time to cook, how can I even think of preparing an appetizer. A one-dish meal is more appropriate.

Pasta and Kale with White Wine Mussels
2-3 cloves garlic
3-4 small or medium organic tomatoes
Organic kale
Cooked pasta
1 package Trader Joes Mussels in White Wine Sauce, prepare accordingly to package instructions

Directions: Boil pasta, set aside. Cook some vegetables (saute garlic, tomatoes, till tomatoes cooked down and saute some kale into it). Toss in pasta with vegetables and when mussels are ready, serve with pasta (Note: I have shucked the mussels after they were cooked and toss the mussel meat with the pasta and vegetables so it is easier to enjoy as a one-dish).

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