Mixed Vegetables Saute Pesto Pasta 蔬菜青酱意大利面

With pesto, I do not even have to cook a sauce for pasta anymore! Okay, quite frankly, some of my pasta dishes e.g. Roasted Vegetables with Pasta, Kale and Tomatoes with Pasta, do not need sauces. Sometimes, a glorious vegetables-saute or vegetables-roast is good enough to be the "sauce" for pasta.

But if there is homemade pesto, ready in the fridge waiting for you, why not use it to make a good dish better?

Think of pesto like a salad dressing, a spread, a dip, a sauce - it is very versatile in appetizers such as Pesto Cucumber Bites, Pesto Pita Bites; side-dishes e.g. Hasselback Potato with Yogurt-Pesto Dressing, and entrees such as Pesto Chicken, Pesto Pizza.

Mixed Vegetables Saute Pesto Pasta 蔬菜青酱意大利面
2 organic zucchini, sliced to bite-size
1 organic bell pepper, sliced to bite-size
2 handfuls of organic broccoli florets
1 handful of cauliflower florets
4-5 cloves of garlic, minced
Cooked pasta
2-3 tbsp pesto, homemade or store-bought

Directions: Saute zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower with garlic.  Toss sauteed vegetables, pesto and pasta altogether. Serve warm, or at room-temperature.


Now, I can have one-dish pasta meal, anytime, without the need to prepare a sauce on the stove-top. How good! A meal so light, healthy and tasty.

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