Stir-Fry Maitake Mushrooms 清炒舞茸

Like most mushrooms, maitake mushrooms is a good source of Vitamin D that is normally found in fortified products e.g. milk. For vegetarians who abstain from milk or eggs, mushrooms can be a good source of Vitamin D.

Pair Garlic Maitake Mushrooms, and some sauteed greens with noodles for a quick-fix healthy meal; or prepare a vegetarian Maitake Mushroom Pizza as light lunch or dinner. I have tried combining maitake mushrooms with Chinese broccoli in a stir-fry and it works really well, just as well as maitake mushrooms with asparagus.

Stir-Fry Maitake Mushrooms 清炒舞茸
3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 chili padi, birds eye chili , thinly sliced
2 packs, total 7 oz organic maitake mushrooms
1-2tsp organic soy sauce
Ground white pepper to taste
1-2tsp Japanese sake

Directions: Saute garlic then add mushrooms, cover the pan/pot and allow mushrooms to cook down, and release moisture. This takes about 5-8 minutes. When cooked down, add soy sauce, white pepper, give the mushrooms a good mix, some mushrooms might be sticking to the pot, splash in some water/cooking wine if mixture too dry and to deglaze as well. Allow the sauce to reduce (the mushrooms will reabsorb in combined flavors at this time), and mushrooms to be fully cooked.

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