Homemade Egg Mcmuffin, Mcdonald's-style 鸡蛋满福堡

Most of you should have known by now that I seldom cook breakfast. By cooking, I meant over the stove, "stirring" something over the stove-top burner, at minimum. But breakfast can't always be homemade oat-granola with milk or toast with peanut butter or oat-granola with milk plus peanut butter toast.

Once in a blue moon comes Salty, Sweet and Spicy Rice Rolls, Stir-Fry Rice Rolls, Hong Kong-style Macaroni Soup, yes, for breakfast. Then now this homemade version of English muffin with egg, mimicking Mcdonald's Egg Mcmuffin.

Whole Wheat English Muffin with Egg
1 whole wheat organic English muffin
1 organic egg
1 sliced Swiss cheese
1 slice organic turkey breast meat (I have used Applegate), optional (omit if preparing meatfree version)

Directions: Cook the egg the way you like it, fried eggs, scrambled or even hard-boiled. Halve the English muffin and lightly toast each half. Assemble the eggs, cheese, sliced deli meat on the English muffin. Enjoy.

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