Gochujang-Sesame Edible Chrysanthemum Salad 芝麻辣酱拌茼蒿

With Edible Chrysanthemum (Shungiku in Japan, 茼蒿 Tong-Ho in Mandarin) , I usually think of making soup (yes, this is the vegetable that is popularly used in hotpots) or salad.

Today, this salad has a hint of spice imparted from Korean gochujang sauce-dressing. To deepen its flavor, sesame/tahini sauce was added, plus sprinkles of toasted sesame seeds.

This is an absolutely easy side-dish to make; and together with Korean Spicy Tofu or Korean Spicy Chilled Tofu (both easy side-dishes to make as well), pairs well with steamed rice.

Edible Chrysanthemum/Shungiku Salad with Gochujang-Tahini Dressing 芝麻辣酱拌茼蒿
1 bunch of Shungiku, blanched and remove excess water/moisture by squeezing it dry
1 tbsp Korean spicy sauce
1 tbsp sesame/tahini sauce (use store-bought or grind your own at home)
1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

Directions: Finely chopped up the vegetables. Mix the Korean spicy sauce, sesame/tahini sauce. Gently mix in the vegetables with the sauce. Before serving, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.

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