Pesto Salmon 青酱三文鱼/鲑鱼

With salmon in season, I have been making roasted salmon quite regularly. It is an easy and healthy meal to put together - roast the salmon and steam some vegetables.

I usually marinate the salmon with spices - curry powder, ground turmeric, ground coriander, cumin, and black pepper. But since there is homemade pesto available, why not use it as the marinade?

Today, we will have Pesto Salmon, packed with Omega-3s as found in the fish itself and the walnuts in the pesto. Such a fuss-free recipe is a perfect weekday savior, as 30 minutes or less is what it takes for this healthy and delicious dish. It is also a good way to give salmon a quick make-over when the regular grilled/oven-roasted salmon occasionally becomes boring.

I usually like to prepare another easy vegetable side such as steamed/roasted broccoli, roasted zucchini and bell peppers, to pair with the main protein entree.

Pesto Salmon 青酱三文鱼/鲑鱼
1-2 tbsp homemade pesto
1/2 lb fresh, wild-caught Sockeye salmon fillet

Directions: Slather pesto marinade on the salmon fillet and coat the fillet evenly with marinade. Preheat oven 375F.  Roast/bake for about 25mins till salmon is cooked through.

For this recipe, I also like to cook a bigger portion so that I can flake the leftover cooked salmon fillets, and add them to fried rice, or salmon frittata.


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