Baby Kale Soy-Bean Soup 羽衣甘蓝黄豆汤

Soy-bean broth or stock is quite versatile and I absolutely enjoy it as a light-tasting broth for green vegetables e.g. Chinese Broccoli Soup.

For this soup (adapted from Chinese Broccoli Soup), some carrots were boiled in the broth till cooked, then baby kale and some leftover pan-fried tofu were added.

Baby kale is supposed to be milder-tasting and less bitter compared to kale. To be used in this soup, I added the baby kale only after the heat from the pot was turned off; then add the baby kale, cover the pot and allow the remaining heat to cook the baby kale.

Baby Kale Soy-Bean Soup 羽衣甘蓝黄豆汤
Ingredients: Organic baby kale, thinly sliced carrots, soy-bean stock (for vegetarian, omit the dried anchovies), pan-fried tofu, salt and ground white pepper to taste

Directions: Reheat/boil the stock (add a little water to make up the volume if necessary; however do not add too much to dilute the taste of the stock) with some carrots. When boiling, turn down the heat. Add kale, cover the pan and allow steam and heat to cook the kale. Salt and ground white pepper to taste. Top with pan-fried tofu for added proteins (optional).

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