One-Pot Tomato Rice 电锅番茄饭

By this time, most of you in the social media food-groups must have come across the Internet one-pot tomato-rice sensation. Beside one-pot pasta, this one-pot (or one-pan) rice is also one-darn-good cooking idea for homecooks like us who need to think of "it's-gotta-be-different, better-be-new and hopefully-interesting" dishes to cook everyday. Truth is, we (rather, I) don't cook different and new dishes everyday.

However, once in a while, I do try to inspire myself to cook something different. I was even more inspired to put this tomato-rice as part of my regular cooking ritual/meal plan as it is a one-pot-everything dish. To me, this is similar to cooking one-pot biryani rice, just that this tomato-rice does not include the use of Indian-spices and leans towards home-style cooking. I would call it healthy "fried" rice.

One-Pot Tomato Rice 电锅番茄饭
1 glove garlic, minced
1 cup basmatic rice
1 tomato, score/cut a cross at the underside, and underside-botton face up when placed in rice cooker
1/2-1 cup edamame beans
1-2tbsp finely diced carrots
1-2tbsp fresh shiitake mushrooms, finely diced (I used leftover sauteed mushrooms dices)
1/2 cup roasted chickpeas, optional (I used leftovers)
2cups of broccoli, partially cooked/steamed, set aside (Note: I do not like to include the broccoli while the rice is cooking as the broccoli would be overcooked by then. You can either add the broccoli when the rice is almost done, then allow the hot steam while the rice is cooking to cook the broccoli OR add and mix in steamed broccoli (cooked separately) after the rice is cooked.

Directions: Place all the ingredients (except broccoli) in the pot as shown. Cook the rice as per normal (with the tomato being used, add slightly less water than what you would normally use when cooking plain rice). When rice is cooked, mix in cooked broccoli, then add ground pepper and toasted sesame oil, and fluff the seasonings with the rice. Serve warm

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