EVA Air Royal Laurel TPE-SFO 长荣航空皇玺桂冠舱

This is a continuation from my earlier post BR17 SFO-TPE.

BR18 Taipei to San Francisco: Dinner/Supper is a full-course with Hors d'oeuvre ~ Main Course ~ Dessert

Hors d'oeuvre: Goose Liver Pate, Cajun Spiced Prawn with Red Wine Jelly

There is a wide selection of main course available including meals you can order in the plane from the on-board menu, and exclusive meals pre-order from evaair.com

Main: Duck Breast with Mixed Vegetables and Potatoes (available as exclusive pre-order main course in evaair.com)

Finally, before the plane touchdown, choose between Western- or Chinese-style (below) breakfast.

Breakfast: Plain Congee Served with Traditional Delicatessens, Scrambled Egg with Black Fungus and Carrot and Green Beans

In our recent trip to Taiwan, we were able to use EVA Air frequent flyer;electronic upgrade certificates to upgrade to Royal Laurel/Business class.


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