Tuna Chickpeas Lettuce Endive Wraps 鱼松鹰嘴豆生菜包

For some of you wondering what Tuna Floss is, do check it out on Wikipedia. Tuna Floss belongs to this group of dried and seasoned shredded meat snack (e.g. Pork Floss, Chicken Floss) with light and soft cottony texture. Most of the times, you can find this processed food item in Asia; and in some Chinese supermarkets in the United States.

Often salty, chicken/pork/fish floss is often used to complement bland foods/dishes, for example, as toppings on plain porridge/congee or to fill up a sandwich.

With the concept of "shredded", "seasoned" and "dried", you can jolly well make meat floss at home. I would not say it is complicated; but definitely it is a tedious process that requires patience. In fact, avid homecooks have it homemade so that they can make healthier meat floss versions. Store-bought meat floss is often over-seasoned (high sodium, high sugar) and contains added preservatives in order to make the "meat" tasty and give it a longer shelf-life. Only when it is DIY, made from scratch at home, that seasonings can be toned down with no added preservatives.

Thanks to my friend's homemade tuna floss (made from a mixture of canned tuna fish and spices) that I created these no-stove required appetizer-style lettuce wraps.

Tuna Floss Chickpeas Lettuce Endive Wraps 鱼松鹰嘴豆生菜包
Start with butter head lettuce and Belgium endive as the base
Top with organic canned chickpeas and homemade (or store-bought) tuna floss (Note: Substitute tuna floss with canned tuna - flake the canned tuna chunk to smaller pieces then mix and toss with chickpeas)
Garnish with radish sprouts

You can also try this simpler version of vegetarian  Pea and Corn Kernels Lettuce Wraps.

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