Tortilla Egg "Pancake" 新式玉米饼蛋饼

Stuck with leftover corn tortilla from making chickpea tacos? Give it a new twist. Use tortilla as the wheat flour-batter base to make egg pancake (蛋饼 Dan Bing) or scallion pancake (葱油饼).

These pancakes are like super-thin sandwiches, aren't they? They will be convenient on-the-go, and easy as no-mess quick-bites.

As these store-bought corn tortilla were on the thick side, the resulting egg pancakes were chewier, and crispier at the edge; compared to store-bought pancake that is typically softer to bite.

Tortilla Egg "Pancake" 新式玉米饼蛋饼
2 corn tortilla, or 3 corn tortilla if adding cheese
1 egg
1 green onions, roughly chopped
1 tbsp fish floss (option, omit if vegetarian)
1 sliced Swiss cheese (option)

Direction: Add 1 piece of round tortilla to the pan under low- heat. When tortilla slightly softened, add egg and break the egg on top of the tortilla, and spread the egg mixture across the surface of tortilla. Add green onions. When egg appears to be slightly set (you can see egg crisping up around the edge), flip the tortilla and allow the egg to cook further. After 1 minute, turn the tortilla over again, and sprinkle fish-floss over the egg, then add 2nd piece of tortilla and flip the tortilla again (2nd tortilla is now bottom of the pan, while 1st tortilla is facing up). If you are adding cheese, add the cheese on the tortilla (1st tortilla), then top with 3rd tortilla, and then flip the entire stack so that 3rd tortilla is now bottom of the pan. Cover the pan and cook for 2-3 mins till cheese melts (and by this time, egg has fully cooked.

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