Asparagus & Chicken with Turmeric Dressing 蔬菜鸡胸马铃薯主食沙拉

Just before we jump onto the "summer-means-salad" bandwagon (yes, I will be sharing more wholesome salad-as-a-meal in summer, stay tuned!), I thought I should take a step back and do a little introduction on salad dressing. A salad dressing can make or break a salad; and a homemade dressing is definitely way healthier than store-bought.

You know what? I used to think that salad dressing is out of my world, something that appears, kinda sophisticated. Well, it is not; especially when I K-I-S and found that Keeping-It-Simple actually works in my favor, and flavor. Something so simple that it does not bog you down when you want to prepare it. Something that will not make you go "nah, so difficult, I don't want to do it anymore".

It is definitely easier to form a habit when the task (of making it routine), is undaunted.

My go-to is always vinaigrette-based dressing, just because the base elements of extra-virgin olive oil and organic apple cider vinegar are the only ones stocked in my kitchen. Yes, my pantry stocks no other artisan oils and vinegar but it does not feel deprived.

It is not difficult to whisk up a salad dressing, at least the dressing that makes it to my salad bowl. It has gotta be quick, so the dressing makes it to my salad bowl. It has gotta be healthy, so the dressing makes it to my salad bowl.

Quick and healthy is this "Golden" Dressing that I am going to share with you today. Still, it is a vinaigrette-based dressing that gets it golden hue from ground turmeric, coupled with ground black pepper.

Poached Chicken, Steamed Vegetables and Potatoes with Turmeric Golden Dressing 蔬菜鸡胸马铃薯主食沙拉
Organic chicken breast, poached (see Poached Chicken) and sliced (option to use leftover chicken but make sure to re-heat/warm the chicken)
Asparagus, organic broccoli, cauliflower steamed for about 5mins, set aside
Potatoes and/or sweet potatoes, steamed to cook, then diced to bite-size (option to roast if you prefer)
Cilantro, roughly chopped up

[Dressing]:1 clove organic garlic, smashed and minced, 1 tbsp organic cider vinegar, 2-3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, dash of ground turmeric, dash of freshly ground black pepper, squeeze of lemon (option) to zest it up a little

Directions: Make the dressing, set aside. Assemble the vegetables, and potatoes/sweet potatoes in a bowl. Place the chicken on top and drizzle dressing over it. Garnish with cilantro.

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