Purple Cabbage, Orange, Walnut Salad 紫卷心菜橙子核桃沙拉

Purple/red cabbage contains more iron and antioxidants than standard white cabbage. The last time I had purple cabbage was in cooked form e.g. Purple Cabbage Udon Noodles Soup, Purple Cabbage Soup. Today I am going to prepare a summer-ready raw salad with purple cabbage and orange.

This Purple Cabbage, Orange, Walnut Salad is bright and crisp. If you are firing the grill for meat or seafood, this easy-to-make purple cabbage salad will be a great side-dish accompaniment to balance the heavier-tasting grilled food/ barbecue e.g. Kale Hot Dog.

Purple Cabbage, Orange, Walnut Salad 紫卷心菜橙子核桃沙拉
1 small organic purple cabbage, thinly shredded/julienned,
1 orange, skin remove, thinly slice the flesh , reserve some juice (for salad dressing)
2-3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil (for salad dressing)
1tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
Handful of lightly-toasted walnuts
2-3 springs fresh cilantro , finely chopped garnish
Salt and black pepper to taste.

Directions: Place finely shredded red cabbage in a bowl, and add the orange slices. Drizzle the orange juice and extra-virgin olive oil over the cabbage and orange, gently toss everything to combine. Top with walnuts, and fresh cilantro.

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