Tofu Pizza 豆腐披萨

What would you say if I said I am going to serve you pizza on top of pasta? What?? That's carbs overload!!!

Don't worry. This pizza is actually more protein than carbs. Best of all, plant-based proteins - making it a perfect vegetarian meal.

This Tofu Pizza is inspired and adapted from Just One Cookbook. I skipped the pan-frying step though, and made the assembled tofu pizza entirely in the oven.

Tofu Pizza 豆腐披萨
adapted from Just One Cookbook 
14-15oz super-firm organic tofu, sliced to 3-4 pieces to create the "pizza" base
1 tsp tomato paste
Sliced Swiss cheese
1 small organic tomato, thinly sliced
2-3 brown mushrooms, thinly sliced
Green onions
Salt and black pepper

Directions: Assemble the pizza. Bake 400 20-25 mins till cheese melts.

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