Okra with Tahini Sauce Dressing 芝麻酱拌羊角豆

While okra does well in a stew- or braise- like dish e.g. Pumpkin, Green Bean, Okra Stew, it also works seamlessly as a simple appetizer dish.

When prepared the correct way, the "slime" can be reduced while maintaining the tender crunch of fresh okra. The correct way from my experience is the simple way - roast, steam or blanch. I have tried roasting (Roasted Okra), steaming (Steamed Okra) and today, comes another success in blanching in which whole okra was immersed in boiling water for no more than 5 minutes; then served warm with a creamy sauce-dressing.

Okra with Tahini Sauce Dressing 芝麻酱拌羊角豆
6-8 fresh whole okra, rinsed
1-2 tbsp organic tahini (I used Trader Joes organic tahini)

Directions: Set some water (sufficient to immerse the okra) to boil. When boiling, add the okra and allow to simmer in water for 1 minute, then turn off heat, cover pot and allow the okra to cook further for another 1-2 minutes (depending how much "crunch" you want to maintain in the okra). Dish out, set aside and serve warm with tahini.

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