Easy Vegetables Curry

During the cold winter months, we still have our vegetables but MAKE IT BETTER.

YESsss! Spice them up!

Vegetables curries like this Roasted Vegetables Spiced Curry or Sayur Lodeh-style Vegetable Curry are exceptionally satisfying during this time of the year as the spices warm us up from the inside (our belly!) to the outside.

This is an easy one-pot recipe for a comforting mildly-spiced vegetable curry.

Vegetables Curry
1/2 onion, sliced
3-5 cloves garlic, chopped
4-5 cups mixed vegetables - carrot, cabbage, greens beans (I had some lemongrass and few leftover red radishes in the fridges, so I sneaked them in but can be omitted)
2-3 tbsp of curry powder
1-2 cups water, adjust accordingly
Salt to taste

Directions: Fill a soup pot with all the ingredients, and cook over a stove till the curry start to boil. Give the curry vegetables a good mix so that the spices and vegetables combine well. Turn down heat and simmer till the vegetables are cooked and softened.

Option to add tofu to the curry