Tofu, Broccoli, Okra Bowl

Besides bitter melon and eggplant, okra is another vegetable that falls under the "Love-it-or-Hate-it" list. Quite different from bitter melon which some dislike due to its bitter taste, it is the texture of okra (likewise for eggplant) that puts some people off - mushy eggplant, slimy okra. I am fine with that.

Steamed okra,  beets, kale, broccolini, red bell peppers, snap peas, topped with apple

While okra performs well in a stew- or braise-like dish e.g. Pumpkin, Green Bean, Okra Stew, I also enjoy 5-minute steamed okra in warm salad bowls.
Tofu, Broccoli, Okra Bowl
4-5 cups of assorted vegetables: broccoli, carrots, red cabbage, okra steamed with garlic for 5 minutes (Note: When okra is cooked fast, slime is reduced)
Leftover tofu, reheated or fresh tofu (recipes: Soy-Sauce Tofu, Korean Spiced Tofu)
Leftover chicken, reheated (optional and omit for vegetarian version)

Set aside steamed vegetables in a bowl. Topped with tofu and/or chicken.