I eat American burgers too!

With attempts to cook Assam Prawns, Mui Fun, Lontong, Wat Dan Hor /Seafood Hor Fun, Stewed Lions Head-狮子头 , and even the Chinese Kong Bak Burger...I eat my American burger too! (if you are wondering...)

IN-N-OUT has been my favorite burger hunt in California - it's cheap (just $1.99 for a cheeseburger) and juicilicious, so much better than Mcdonalds; and as good, if not better than Burger King, Carl's Jr both in US and Singapore. When I'm hungry to the extent of "able to eat a cow", one IN-N-OUT burger may not be enough. Need to eat two - $1.99 x 2.

This bar and grill along Lawrence Expy, CA, is a new find. And it's really cheap and good!
St John's Bar and Grill has daily "1/2 price" specials Monday to Saturday. Saturday (all day) and Wednesday night happen to be their burger bash where all hamburgers are 1/2 priced.

The regular price for their range of burgers (classic cheeseburger, bacon and swiss, turkey burger etc) is between $5-$8. The classic cheeseburger ~1/3 lb. fresh ground beef with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, has never failed us. And what's the bargain ? When it's half-priced, it's just $2.87 per cheeseburger and one cheeseburger can fill me up, satisfied.

Done a disservice to this burger- it certainly tastes better than it looks

St John Bar and Grill
510 Lawrence Expy Ste 110
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Tel: (408) 738-8515
Fax: (408) 738-3048
Price: $
Taste index:

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