Strawberries coated in Deep Dark Chocolate, with Deep Dark Chocolate Stacks

Dark chocolates: antioxidant - flavonoids/flavanols
Strawberries: antioxidant - polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanins
Cereals (especially whole-grain-wheat- and oat-based): antioxidants - phenolics

Have a variety of each; and a combination of them like this:

Luscious Red Strawberries coated in Deep Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: strawberries, dark chocolates(at least 70% dark-type), and cereals (Note: remember to keep those remaining crumbs when you finished that pack of cereals. Don't waste! Start accumulating today!)

1. The only time- and effort- worthy step you need here is the melting of the chocolates
(Note: Melt the chocolate in a heat-proof container/cup/bowl, above a pot of hot, non-simmering/non-boiling water - double boiler method, over the stove top. Stir chocolate until smooth, then remove from heat).
2. Combine 100% cacao unsweetened chocolate with some dark chocolate truffle (half-half ratio) for the melted chocolate.
(Note: This was one way to salvage that unsweetened chocolate - by adding another dark (but not 100%, at least 70% will do) chocolate to revive that hint of sweet!)
3. Get ready some of your favorite breakfast cereals
(Note: preferably whole-grain, whole-wheat); and crush them in a Ziploc bag if the cereals are in chucks. Next, give the strawberries a light rinse and dab dry with paper towel.
4. Dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate (whole-dipped or half-dipped, your preference) and when the coated chocolate on the strawberries start to turn less viscous (define as: no-dripping no matter how you hold the strawberry), dip the chocolate-coated strawberries in the cereals and then fridge immediately for cooling and hardening of the chocolate.

This dessert or even snack is an antioxidant rich food(ARF) and it's going to Sweetnicks ARF/5-a-day.

Deep Dark Chocolate Stacks
Of course, you could also make some chocolate stacks using just cereals and remaining chocolate. While chocolate is still in melted stage, stir in the cereals slowly till the cereals get clumped up in chocolate! With a teaspoon, scoop the cereals up (teaspoon size), then fridge immediately.

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