Mini food - hot dogs or burgers ?

I shrunk the mushroom soup to an appetizer-mock'petizer, the chicken pie to the minis and curry pies to the cuties. Now I shrunk the hot dog! It became a mini sausage burger!

Tasty, healthy hot dog: Ingredients found here.
No-fuss way to eat: Lay spinach leaves liberally on pita bread, place 1-2 sausages on top of the spinach, then roll up and eat. Like...chicken in blankets.

For the shrunk- and mini-version, do it the burger way-

Mini hot dog, mini sausage burger
Ingredients: sausage (cooked or grilled), raw baby spinach(rinsed and dabbed dry with paper towel) and pita bread. Check ingredients here.

Simple assembling: Slice up the grilled sausage about 3cm(1inch), tear up the pita bread to sizes as shown in picture, and assemble. Secure with toothpick or short bamboo skewers.
Bite size. One bite, no mess!

With the bite-size hot dog or sausage burger, I have some spicy cider juice for you. More commonly an autumn/fall beverage, this beverage fits all year around, in my opinion.
A warm cider will warm you during fall/winter, but an icy cold cider juice or dessert is certainly spring/summer.

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Cider Jelly Drink/Beverage

Use the cider juice to make and flavor some jelly. Pour into wide-shaped wine glass to set. Then, use remaining jelly powder to make the "normal" jelly and pour on top of the "hardened" cider layer. Add raisins, bite-size apples, sliced kiwis to the top layer and allow the top layer to set. Allow cool in fridge.
Option: Add in some crushed ice on top of hardened top layer, and pour in a wee bit of cider juice. There, you have a drink-cum-dessert.
Another option: Alternatively, you can use jelly molds to make some fruit-jelly cubes, cut them up to smaller pieces and drop into your cold cider drink. A drink with textures! Very refreshing.

I'm bringing these with me to Blog Party-Let's have picnic.

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