BBQ barbecued pork or char siew pastry, aka char siew sou

There are many regional variations of barbecue. There is the chinese barbecued pork - pork typically marinated with hoisin sauce and other spices/sauces, then fork(叉, cha ~ sound alike)roasted(烧, shao) over fire. There is also the western wild wild west version of barbecued meat - beef or pork ribs usually marinated with a mix of sauces (worcestershire, molasses, and other "secret" ingredients etc), then grilled or slowly smoked over wood fire (sometimes even over flavored-wood eg. apple wood) that gives the meat an exotic flavor.

I'm turning the traditional good ol' barbecued pork into an appetizer snack. What is it? This is it.

Basically, this appetizer snack (also seen in dim-sum eateries, known as char siew sou-叉烧酥) can be made using any leftover barbecued meat (preferably pork), or pulled pork of the wild wild west.

BBQ or barbecued pork pastry, 叉烧酥 (makes about 3-5)
-1/2 to 2/3 of a rectangular sheet of puff pastry -PepperRidge Farm. (Yes, I still have leftover puff pastry after making mini chicken pie, curry puffs, chicken strudel, and puff pastry mushroom soup. Indefinite supply of puff pastry? I bought 2 boxes at one go the other time, what were you thinking? )
-~1-1.5 cups barbecued pork, or char siew; cut into tiny cubes (I got store-bought ones from the "hot-food" station in the Asian supermarket). If you've got pulled pork, it should do.
-1tsp minced garlic
-1/2-1 cup chopped onions
-1tbsp oyster sauce
-pinches black pepper
-2tsp cane sugar
- water, amount adjust accordingly
- 1/2tsp cornflour
- some butter, for browning of the pastry crust

1. Thaw the puff pastry according to package instructions
2. Meanwhile, heat some oil in frying pan low-medium heat, add all ingredients , except the cornflour and water, lightly fry for ~3-4mins. If mixture to dry, add some water. Let simmer for ~3mins.
3. Add in the cornflour to thicken the pork mixture. The final "product" or intended filling will look like this -
4. Let the pork mixture cool and at this time, prepare the puff pastry for "action" - sprinkle some flour on a flat surface, roll out and flatten the pastry sheets and cut into rectangular sections (about 10x3 cm)
5.Add the pork filling, wrap them into shape of a rectangular roll, remember to seal the edges
6. Bake 395F for 20-25mins. Butter the top of the pastry before baking, for the golden crust.

Warmly baked BBQ pork pastry

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Barbecued meat or pulled pork turned into finger friendly appetizer snacks to bring to Blog Party -Wild Wild West.

With the savory BBQ pork pastry, let's sweeten and refreshen up by having some mango slushy - made with mango (coarsely pureed), crushed ice and adding some pomelo/grapefruit sacs. Make sure to bring the largest straw available (the widest opening you can find!) to suck out those tiny bits of fruits as you drink. You can drink your fruits! My mango slushy cocktail! A great hot-weather pick-me-up!

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