Stir fry long beans with Korean dried shrimps

What a long hiatus from Weekend Herb Blogging - WHB. And just when I returned to participate this week, I'm glad to find the host back at Kalyn's Kitchen - yes, Kalyn - the wonderful host who started the blogging trail to herbs, plants, vegetables and flowers.

Since it's a hiatus from WHB, I will dedicate a short write up beans. LONG BEANS.

In a dazed and "hazed" state, I will usually mix them up - Long beans and green beans. As I was writing this, I realized I made some mistakes about long beans and green beans in some of my older posts. :O I used them too interchangeably though they are quite different pods plants in their own entities.

But first, let's set the stage for some simple facts.
What are long beans ? Long beans are also known as Yard long beans or snake bean, or Chinese long bean. They can be used in cooked salads like this - Indonesian Gado Gado or in simple Chinese stir fry (sometimes with sambal belacan) like this, and can be used in curries too. If you find them named other than yardlong beans or snake beans, they may be masked in these other names in different parts of Asia. Long beans are a good source of protein, vitamin A and C, and minerals. On a lighter non-edible note about long beans - they are often associated as THE "miracle" vegetable that will make your child or kid grow TALLER AND TALLER, just because it's LONG. When a child or teenager exceeds the medium or average percentile in HEIGHT (i.e very TALL), it's common to hear..."DID SHE/HE EAT LONG BEANS?"

Green beans are also known as French beans, or string beans. I have used them too, here, here and here, but I used the words "long beans" in universal mode!!! :O ...oops, my ignorance, and mistake. I will be more careful next time.

Are there any other exotic names of long beans and green beans that are used, in where you are staying or located ?

Here's a long beans cooking experiment with a new ingredient- Korean dried shrimps I bought recently.

Why did I say they taste different?

Cos' when I stir fry them like in a chinese stir fry vegetable dish, the dish came out completely different. Not sure how to describe the exact differences though both types of dried shrimps - korean or chinese, are able to flavor up this simple stir fry.

Stir fry long beans with Korean dried shrimps

I'm not publishing the detailed recipe. Ingredients used are long beans, Korean dried shrimps, mushroom, some sambal belacan

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