Ghee and Indian cooking

I almost decided not to post this as the photos just don't make the mark. Well, I "QC" (Quality Control) myself...

But I wanted to know what you think of this ingredient as it remains controversial if this is "good" or "evil". While the article in SFGate is not the first one that says GHEE is not that bad after all, some of us do have a negative picture of it. It was the first time just six months ago when I have used GHEE. First time in my entire life, I have used ghee in my cooking (I am Asian and Ghee is seriously NOT something we find in a Chinese pantry)! And it was in my friend's kitchen where my Indian culinary skills improved by another baby step :D

The Making of Indian-Inspired Mashed Potatoes..

If butter was evil, then ghee's gotta be good. Do you agree?

Can ghee be our momentary glee?

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