The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook - Fall 2010

Hooray! I have received my cookbook's mock-up/draft cover from my publisher. Remember I told you about my cookbook sometime ago? My cookbook with Adams Media (the same publisher who does The Everything Series) will be out in Fall 2010 (just about six months away...which is pretty soon), is never too early to start pre-ordering via Amazon. If you are already thinking of birthday and holiday gifts for family and friends, this will make a great meaningful one - for those who are into cooking AND for those who just enjoy looking at an entire shelf of cookbooks (or as a matter of fact - any book related to food).

It is The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook...

This cookbook is more than to teach you perfect recipes. Rather, it hopes to empower you with an extensive coverage of recipes by understanding the basics of rice cooker cooking which includes techniques and sequence. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to explore, try and a little crazy. Whether you already own a rice cooker and are looking for more ideas, variety and challenge -OR- you are just planning to get started on a rice cooker, this book does it all. Pre-order from Amazon now! Come Fall 2010, this book will also be available in bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, and Borders.

I will also be doing preview every now and then, right here at my site. So stay tuned!

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