Kueh Lapis - Chinese New Year sweet cake

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Welcome to the Year of the Tiger :)

Associating food with tradition and festivity signifies how essential food is to people, society, culture and to the extent of basic survival. This time of the year, I can see bloggers busily baking Chinese New Year goodies and happily cooking up Chinese New Year dishes. Most of you know that I don't do the former but the latter, yes...sure.

The Kueh Lapis (Cake Layers) is not my favorite sweet treat during Chinese New Year. I prefer melt-in-the-mouth SWEET cookies and definitely, can't escape savory Bak Kwa. As festive dishes and goodies of Chinese New Year, they are all supposed to symbolize something, right? What is the Chinese New Year symbolism of Kueh Lapis then? The only aspect I know of Kueh Lapis ...is how difficult it is to bake.

These thin mulitple layers (building the layers up) of the cake are known to symbolize longevity.

As a variant, there is also prune Kueh Lapis but what is the significance of prune in this cake? Maybe it means SWEETNESS...and relates to a sweet happy long life? You tell me.

Enjoy all the goodies, my friends. Share the food and love.

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