Roast Chicken with Ginger and Garlic, Spiced yet not Spicy

This is the roast chicken wings recipe, for what I served here. While the stove was occupied cooking other dishes...the oven served me well, proceeding in parallel. If you follow my blog, you might have noticed I like adding spices such as cumin, fennel, turmeric in some of my recipes. That is because I love the flavors of Indian cuisine infused in my dishes including this Spiced (but not Spicy) Roasted Chicken Wings recipe.

Spiced (but not Spicy) Roasted Chicken Wings
Ingredients: 4-5 chicken wings; pinch of cumin, fennel, turmeric each; 1/2 tbsp curry powder; pinch of salt and black pepper; 1/2 tsp dark soy sauce (note: for color purpose);1tsp of honey; 1/2 tsp brown sugar; 1tsp minced ginger with juice or 3-4 tiny knobs of ginger crushed with juice; 4 gloves garlic, crushed to smaller pieces.

Directions: Add all the ingredients in a deep mixing container and marinate the chicken wings for at least 45 mins (note: make small slits on the chicken wings so that the marinade get in there faster). When ready, pre-heat oven at 225deg C. Then roast in oven for about 20 mins to cook completely. You can increase oven temp to 250deg C and roast for another 3-5mins for lightly crisp skin.

Not the prettiest chicken wings but utterly finger-licking and superbly good :)  ...Oh, and the caramelized ginger and roasted garlic in honey and spices, is a bloody tasty aftermath.

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