Tuna Pasta - Another Pasta Dish Hiding in the Pantry

Mark Bittman, The Minimalist (of The New York Times "A Pasta Dish Hiding in the Pantry") saved this post! Really. Coz' it is not the first time I made this and I have also blogged about it. But just because I have done similar, does not mean I cannot do it again. He posted his in time and I "saved" mine in time. "Repeat if it is a worthy trick" is my mantra for today. ^0^

This is also another macaroni calling-out-loud...well, the other has ridges while this does not. "Repeat if it is a worthy trick" is my mantra for today. Didn't I just say so?

Who has the time, energy and inspiration to cook everyday? I salute people who can cook every day, 3 meals a day! It is no easy job! 

When I feel like something quick and relatively effortless, I'll make this - Tomato-Chili Tuna Macaroni!

If the recipe ingredients and directions can be done in these few sentences, it IS easy cooking! Here goes *TAKES DEEP BREATH*: Canned tuna (AYAM* brand, tomato-chili); Choy Sum - Cai Xin (blanched whole leaves and cut into small bits); Macaroni (cooked, and set aside). Add in tuna and vegetables bits into the macaroni, toss well, and make a carbo + protein + fiber dish, out of everything. *desperately exhale*

I have this as a one-dish (semi- homemade) meal but you could call a salad out of it. Found some corn in the pantry as well? Add them in coz' it kinda sweeten up a savory-spicy pasta. Mark Bittman, The Minimalist claims that there is A Pasta Dish Hiding in the Pantry and I so agree with him; though I have made a far more inferior selection on the "fish" here using tuna instead of sardines but hey, I am keeping my pantry canned sardines for something else, ok ?And I use fresh green vegetables - he, onions.

A spoon could do all the feeding. Let us all have some "spoon feeding" at Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Ruth of Once upon a Feast.

Share with me your all-time quickest, most effortless homemade meal (which passed the taste buds, of course).

*AYAM brand: Ingredients are acceptable to me except not knowing what the thickener is.

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