Presto Pasta Night #187

Allo Allo!

This week's delicious entries for Presto Pasta Night Roundup (Presto Pasta Nights - a blog event originally created by Ruth of Once upon A Feast ) will whet your appetite.

First up, we have this Four-Cheese and Bacon Macaroni from Girlchef. In her words: "Creamy cheesy goodness to appease the inner cheeseslut...with a golden, crispy, salty, bacony crust ..."

Then when I saw this Eggplant Timbale from Recipe Addict , I thought it looked like a cake! So, I will eat it like a cake. Slice it and eat it.

Louannes Kitchen brought us a Creamy Pasta Primavera, that creaminess just in time for fall season.

This bowl of Homemade Pan Meen from Little Inbox of Eating Pleasure made me drool like a hungry (ugly) woman. To make the flour noodle from scratch was note-worthy. To make almost everything from sratch is remarkable.

And, I drooled all the way to Limecake - Lemongrass Shrimp with Tamarind Noodles, where the lemongrass and tamarind made it so tantalizing.

With mostly organic produce in the fridge of Sidewalkshoes : vegetable(s), garlic, onions, herbs, and cheese, this Pasta with Chicken and Stuff is some good REAL food.

Another dish perfect for Fall season: Leek Soup from Once Upon a Feast. The leeks, earthy mushrooms and with that orecchiette - certainly made it a one-dish meal for me.

I have tried adding okra into my pasta before, so I knew this Shrimp and Gumbo Spirals from Honey from Rock will be good, esp. when homemade shrimp stock has gone into this dish.

Let us trust Queen of my Kitchen with her low calorie-count Penne in Light Alfredo Sauce; we can call this - Penne in "Smarter" Alfredo Sauce?

Kits Chow made this Steamed rice flour cake, banh bot chien. I have tried similar version in Singapore and may have tried Malaysia's version but not this Vietnamese rice flour cake. Can I have some, please?

Cocoa and Coriander wanted fennel to be the focal point of this dish and created Pappardelle in Cheddar Cream Sauce with Pulled Pork and Vegetables Roasted in Fennel Pollen. Pulled pork macaroni and cheese? Nah, it is more indulgent than that.

Having not made Western-style beef stew for a while, House of Annie decided to make one with some beef chuck and created a spiral pasta dish with this delicious Beef Stew with Tomatoes, Orange Zest and Olives.

The last entry for PPN#187 is of course my Brisling Sardines Pasta from An Escape to Food. Don't underestimate sardines. They are small in size but big on flavors and Omega-3s.

Thanks everyone for a truly wonderful roundup this week. Couldn't do it without you all! Next week, the host "baton" is back to Ruth from Once Upon a Feast. Email your entry to ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.