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Smile. Say Cheese. Kacha *click of camera* Kabocha! Kabocha is one squash of the many to be seen in the welcome of Fall. I love Fall for its colors. The golden-orange hue of colors. These colors,  deliver warmth, comfort, coziness but sometimes solitude.

Roasted Butternut Squash

But I tend to buy Butternut Squash more often. Why ? I find that it is an easier squash to slice through using a non-electric knife. Cutting through a pumpkin takes the hell out of me. I decided it was not a "super-high-yielding ingredient" to handle: Takes extra energy to handle before the nutritional benefits and yum-factor can be truly enjoyed. Low "ROI". I have stir-fried Acorn Squash before and had to peel rather tediously as part of preparation before cooking. For this Butternut Squash recipe, I don't have to. How?
Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe
Basically, (1) slice through this bottle-like melon, skin-on, into slices of reasonable thickness; (2) space them onto a slightly buttered/oiled oven-proof baking pan; (3) lightly season and toss the slices with cinnamon powder, sea salt, brown sugar; (4) send them to the oven to bake/roast 400F for about 30-45mins till....flesh turns tender and lightly charred, like this.

With the easiest effort, you reap aromatic nuttiness of cinnamon, the natural sweetness of the squash and that hint of savory lent from sea salt. Isn't that perfect? Not difficult at all! After cooked perfect, you can scrape the flesh easily from the skin (make Butternut Squash Soup, Mashed Butternut Squash, Savory Pumpkin Kueh-金瓜糕), or just nibble them off the skin like a squirrel. The roasted squash, and roasted cauliflower serves as sides to grilled salmon. All simple techniques that make a fuss-free healthy and delicious meal.

Note: Other than carrots, pumpkins and squash have their share of Carotene as well. But remember, carotene is fat-soluble, thus if you lightly cook/toss them in oil, the carotene is more easily absorbed by the body.

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Leave a comment: what's your Favorite Squash - Why ? and your simplest recipe for it. Then ...Smile (again). Say Cheese (again). Kacha Kabocha! The blog giveaway is open to ALL: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, long as I have somewhere to send to. ^o^  I am preparing to fit them in a flat pack and sending it off in two weeks time. Closing 20 October 2010, 23.59 PST. Winner will be contacted by email. Geez...10/20/2010 ..20/10/2010...luck is coming YOUR WAY!

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