Buy Sustainable Seafood online - i Love Blue Sea

Mark Bittman had two questions for i Love Blue Sea in an interview* earlier this year. First, he asked how do consumers know what they're buying? When consumers buy seafood online, they should know that i Love Blue Sea use third party standards, such as those of Greenpeace and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to ensure sustainability of seafood; and quality of seafood that can be traced individually via bills of lading and bar codes. Then, when asked about cost, consumers are ensured that fresh seafood shipped are quite fairly priced taking into consideration that the source is known, and selection is good. Borrowing the tag-line from Red Lobster, we should all " a whole new way to love seafood...", just like how you can order fresh seafood from Red Lobster's site and have the fresh seafood delivered to your door.

There are also daily specials offered to consumers in i Love Blue Sea. For a sardines lover like me who has not tried flash frozen whole sardines, I was glad to find sardines, which are being wild-caught by trawl net in the United States, being sold at i Love Blue Sea. Being flash frozen at sea keeps sardines' high oil content and these sardines will be delivered whole. Indeed, it will be great taste and texture at a better price!

*To read the interview, you can go to NY Times for more.