Steamed Brussel Sprouts

Fall season is also brussel sprouts season and I am going to eat them wholeheartedly.

They are usually expensive (due to being typically imported from nearby countries such as Australia) in Singapore. But now, I have the luxury to buy them reasonably, seasonably and relatively cheap in the US. Brussel sprouts are high in Vitamin K, C, A; folate, maganese, potassium, should look at the long nutrients list.

Contrary to the popular and common method of pan-frying with bacon or butter, I did the "Chinese" thing and steam them. Cooking Tip: To get them uniformly cooked yet not overcooked remains the same regardless of cuisine if you want to cook them whole. Cut a cross at the base/bottom of each brussel sprout so that "heat" can get in there easily.

Steamed Brussel Sprouts
Ingredients and Directions: 10-12 brussel sprouts, rinsed then cut a cross at the base of the vegetable, set aside on a plate. Sprinkle some salt, ground white pepper and freshly ground black pepper on the vegetables. Set the steamer for steaming. When the water in the steamer is boiling, add the whole plate of brussel sprouts into the steamer and steam for about 8 minutes. More freshly ground pepper on the cooked vegetables, if you prefer, before serving.

Do you like brussel sprouts? Well, I know some people find them faintly bitter.

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