Chicken Feet and Beans Soup 凤爪(鸡脚)黄豆汤 (bone "healing" - Part 3)

I belong to the school that says "yes" to chicken feet. Braised chicken feet is one of my go-to order whenever visiting a dim-sum restaurant.

Apologies if this has given you a fright but it's Halloween :D  ...what's better to present real frightening food? I don't sugar-coat biscuits, cookies and cakes to Franken-fright anyway.

I never thought I would cook chicken feet at home (an ingredient that really needs time to cook down hardly fits my regular cooking-style) if not for my recent bone injury.

As a first attempt to cook chicken feet soup, it was surprisingly a breeze to success. Really, all you need is time and patience to cook down the chicken feet till tender. As chicken feet is mainly gelatin and connective tissues, it typically takes 3 hours or more to be cooked down in soups.

Chicken Feet and Beans Soup 凤爪(鸡脚)黄豆汤
Ingredients: 1/2 cup black eye beans and 1/2 cup organic soy beans (soaked overnight, drain away water plus a light rinse over the beans before using); 10 chicken feet (trim off nails); 1/2 onion, roughly chopped, some garlic gently bruised; ginger 2 crushed 1/2-cm knobs, 10 thin slices; black pepper,white pepper, salt to taste.

Directions: Boil a deep pot of water. Add the chicken feet and ginger into the water and try to remove initial scum being formed. Allow the chicken feet to boil for 30 minutes  then Add the garlic and onions, and allow to boil for another 30 minutes. Add the beans and once broth comes to a boil, turn down the heat and allow to simmer for 2 hours of more till chicken feet cooks down. Salt and pepper to taste.

Black-eye beans and soy beans used in the soup

Note: In replacement of whole peanuts that are typically used in this soup, black-eye beans and soy beans were used instead in this recipe. They worked equally well in my opinion.

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