Vegetarian Biryani with Chayote

Biryani is one of my favorite Indian foods (or Indian one-dish meals). In fact, I have cooked it many times - over the stove or in the rice-cooker. Typically, I tend to make this one-pot rice dish, vegetarian - then have the option of pairing it with other vegetarian (e.g. Aloo Gobi) or non-vegetarian dishes.

Other than adding bell peppers, carrots, peas and mushrooms, I also added chayote to the vegetarian biryani this time. More vegetables.

Toppings and garnishes such as raisins, cilantro, cashew nuts really elevate a simple vegetarian biryani dish up the next level. The sweetness the raisins balances the savory-spicy notes of the vegetables and rice plus the herby aroma of cilantro and nutty toasted cashews...

Oh...not forgetting the fried shallots! I love fried shallots with biryani - make it so extra delicious!

This Vegetarian Biryani with Chayote is shared at the Biryani Challenge taking place at Heavenly Housewife@Donuts to Delirium and Stevie@Weird Combinations. Also in this challenge are: Sweet Artichoke, Glamorous Glutton, Kuriouskitteh, A healthy jalapeno.

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