Tervis Tumbler

Thank you Foodbuzz and Tervis for sending me a Tervis Tumbler.

Just in time for fall and winter - for me to hold the hot cocoa drink I have made in order to warm myself inside out. And now my hot chocolate stays warm longer, and I stay warm longer.

Due to the colder days at this time, I also try to avoid cold drinks directly from the fridge. And the double-walled insulation of this tumbler works just perfect for this situation. Every morning, I pour some refrigerated soy bean milk into my Tervis Tumbler, let it sit (for about 10 minutes) at room temperature before I drink it. And magic, no condensation on my tumbler!

*Tervis Tumbler was received as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. Thank  you Foodbuzz and Tervis Tumbler..