Black-Eyed Beans 眉豆

Instead of using peanuts in these Chinese soups such as chicken feet soup and pork bone soup , black-eyed peas 眉豆 (alternatively named cowpeas, from their use as cattle fodder) have been interchangeably used as they are rather mild-flavored and doe not easily overpower the soup.

Black-eyed peas or beans

Black-eyed peas contain Vitamin A that is important for healthy skin, eyes, and a strong immune system. They also contain folate which helps with cell formation; and amounts of thiamine, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. Black-eyed peas are also rich in potassium that is critical for proper function of the muscles, including the heart (Source: - Black-Eyed Peas). Black-eyed beans are great in stews, soups and salads.

Sharing Black-Eyed Peas and soup recipes with WHB#308 (also into the sixth year! WOW!) hosted by Haalo from Cook Almost Anything.

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