Sambar (Sambhar) - Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Certainly, I hope this was better than the last time. Sambar (Sambhar) is a dish I enjoy so I yearn to make improvements every time. As Asian (Chinese) who grew up eating mainly Chinese food, Indian cooking does not come natural for me. However, since Indian cuisine is one of my favorites, I have learn a few home-cooked Indian dishes mainly from my friend's mom who is Indian; and based on what I have tried and tasted.

I kept the choice of vegetables for this vegetarian Sambar (basic cooking instructions found here) much simpler this time with winter melon, radish, green beans and cauliflower.

The correct way to enjoy Sambar is to treat it like a gravy-based dish and NOT a stew-based dish. It was funny when my friend's mother saw how me and my friend ate (or practically, DRANK!) Sambar like a soup-stew. That's not the way! You are supposed to drizzle a little gravy over rice, or dip Indian roti in them.

Right. Just imagine your classic Chinese Ginger-Soy Sauce Chicken in which we usually scoop gravy over the rice, mix it up, then eat it. Sambar should be treated and enjoyed the same way. For her to see us eat Sambar like a soup-stew, is like sending spoonfuls of ginger-soy sauce from the chicken dish, straight from the plate to the mouth.

It is less than 20 days to Thanksgiving. So how about a Vegetarian dish for Vegetarian Thanksgiving, also November 2011 theme for Healing Foods - hosted at Sreelu's Tasty Travels ?

What is your wish-list this Thanksgiving?

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